General Election 2017 - Write to your Member of Parliament

“Tell your MP how important our industry is to your constituency and the nation”

The global energy sector is in a period of extraordinary change. The UK’s energy markets will evolve so rapidly over the course of this Parliament that they may be unrecognisable compared to those today. The MPs elected in June have a crucial role in ensuring that the UK’s renewable energy and clean tech sectors grow to their potential and that we expand on our position as leaders in this era of international decarbonisation.

Your MP is meant to be your representative in Parliament and it is vital that they know how important renewables are not only nationally but also in their constituency.

Letters from constituents, as well as site visits and meetings, can have a real impact and help turn local MPs into powerful advocates.

It will only take a couple of minutes to complete and send this template email:

If you receive a response or arrange a visit with your MP don’t forget to let the REA know by emailing us at

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